One 5-Minute Virtual Tour Exemplifies Listing Creativity

The days of boring slideshow type “virtual tours” are disappearing fast. Today’s Moreno Valley listings can include actual virtual walk-through videos, breathtaking aerial drone shots, and sweeping panoramic 360 degree views. Now it appears there can even be the possibility of James Bond-style suspense.

That’s right—Double-O Seven himself (almost).

While not exactly typical of listings here in Moreno Valley or (to be fair) anywhere else, the marketing employed by some Tiburon, California listing agents is creative. Hefty listing price tag? Check. Gorgeous photos for the local MLS? Check. Superb staging? Check and double-check. It’s a five-minute, web-designed, creatively written and staged, well-lit, deliberately horrendously acted—and persistently cheeky James Bond-style spoof. One high point is when the Bond stand-in (this has to be the agent) opens the sleek luxury car door and a sippy cup falls out onto the driveway.

As consumers, Americans have developed into a short attention-spanned and click-happy group. We in the real estate agent contingent have learned to make the most of this. As consumer habits have evolved, so too have our marketing strategies. A comprehensive marketing package is only part of the value I bring to the table when area clients engage me to put together their Moreno Valley listing and marketing backup materials. Data-driven pricing strategies, deep networking, and the solid work ethic that backs it up are part of the package as well.

Thinking of listing your Moreno Valley home this summer or fall? The James Bond approach works for the spoofy example because of the property’s Bond Street address—so we won’t be using a spy movie motif for your offering. But our approach will be creative and in tune with your home’s key selling points—along with a marketing plan that’s compelling and designed to get your property S-O-L-D for top dollar!

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