Top 4 High Speed Tactics for Moreno Valley Homes for Sale

Owners of Moreno Valley homes for sale each have their own individual goal hierarchy. The bottom line is nearly always at—or close to—the top of the list, like everything people sell. But there can be other considerations that rival fetching the largest amount of cash. Some of the Moreno Valley homes that are for sale are adjacent to family members—or long-time neighbors who are just like family—so another wish might be to hand off to a new owner who seems likely to keep the place in good order.

More commonly, high among target goals is the wish for a speedy resolution. In fact, for some, personal or professional demands warrant that their homes for sale need to be completed as quickly as possible. Where speed is absolutely the overriding objective, the first tactic is also the one most likely to achieve that goal:

Tactic #1: Price it right—right from the start. An asking price that is at or slightly below other comparable Moreno Valley homes for sale is all but certain to draw immediate attention, more showings, and garner offers sooner than homes that are pegged at premium price levels. This is true across all price ranges, even at the seven-figure estate level. Those who price their homes for sale at a figure that shows they are ready to move have good reason to assume that that the Field of Dreams dictum will hold: “they will come!”

Tactic #2: Update as needed. Where it is prominent, fresh paint, a new fixture or two, and fresh landscaping touches have a good chance of making any home stand out from the pack. If the asking price is reasonable, the object is to be competitive with other Moreno Valley listings. A home that is desirable from a style and condition standpoint should be among those most likely to get the earliest action.

Tactic #3: Observe the Three “De’s”—Deep Clean, DeClutter, DePersonalize. These are the steps we hear so often from every informed quarter—the steps that make a home “show ready.” True deep cleaning might well involve professional help. We all know how to clean our homes, but a real pro has special tools (and tricks!) that really make a place shine. Decluttering means storing all those items that we usually have around, but which we really don’t need every day. Depersonalizing means stashing the personal artifacts that would otherwise tag a home as emotionally belonging to someone else—anyone other than the wished-for new owner. These three “De’s” can speed any “home for sale” into a “home that’s sold.”

These three tactics are among others that can come into play, but they are arguably the most important where speed is paramount. And there is one more that is vital, too—one that meshes nicely with all the other marketing initiatives:

Tactic #4: Call me!