Top 11 Not-to-Dos Right Before Moving to Riverside

It might seem that some actions are perfectly obvious—and that among them are the many things you shouldn’t do immediately before moving to a new Riverside home. Yet, as moving day approaches, the multiplicity of tasks that are left to be done have a way of filling up the brain space usually reserved for sound decision-making.

A good example has to do with the living room furniture. It’s definitely one thing you should NOT do before moving:   

  1. Forget to measure the living room.

    Making the assumption that all of your present furniture will fit nicely in the new living room is fraught with peril. The movers will want to know where to put the second couch you’ve just paid to have moved.

    Ten other leading not-to-dos before moving:     

  2. Buy a puppy (especially a big, energetic one).
  3. Put off notifying your old utilities/new utilities. (Unpacking by flashlight is ill-advised).
  4. Not bringing the flashlight.
  5. Wait until the last minute to notify the post office of your change of mailing address.
  6. Not labeling the cartons (all of them).
  7. Not bringing a marking pen to mark any unlabeled cartons after you’ve had to open them to see what’s inside.
  8. If you’re taking the refrigerator, defrosting it in advance.
  9. Neglecting to assemble a box of items you’ll need in the first 24 hours in your new home.
  10. Not keeping a close watch on valuables (jewelry, electronics, documents, and cash).
  11. Forgetting to take photos of the old place memorializing that it’s “broom clean.”

Moving to a new Riverside home is sure to be an adventure—but whether it’s one you’ll look back upon fondly is largely a function of preparedness. No matter which it turns out to be, I’ll be here awaiting your call re. your next Riverside real estate adventure!