Moreno Valley Real Estate Deserves New Year’s Resolutions, Too!

It’s hard to even think about New Year’s without the word ‘resolutions’ popping into your head—not to mention that it’s nearly impossible to go to any kind of Moreno Valley New Year’s Eve get-together without the topic coming up. In the realms of diet and exercise, New Year’s resolutions are highly relevant, and the pledges made on their account are the most likely to be followed religiously (at least until the Super Bowl parties put an end to them).

You might think that the field of real estate (even Moreno Valley real estate) would be unlikely to inspire any resolute oaths for the coming year, but that proves to be an incorrect assumption. A quick survey of real estate new year’s resolutions yields any number of lists of recommended pledges. There are 6 of them at the Bankrate mortgage site; another 5 at AOL; and a whopping 10 at both the Realtor® and Houselogic websites!

Whether or not you feel duty-bound to put any of these pledges into your own personal action queue on January 1 is up to you­­—but these are among those that are repeated most often:

  • Get Your Financial House in Order. This is actually a good one, for a couple of reasons. First, no matter what you do in 2016, any and all transactions that have a monetary dimension can’t help but go smoother when they fit into a well-ordered financial picture. Second, once you’ve followed it, there’s very little involved in following through. This resolution doesn’t need to have anything to do with Moreno Valley real estate to be a good idea, either.
  • Sellers: Resolve to Think of Your Home as a Product. This is cheating: it’s nothing like a real New Year’s resolution—but a darned good idea, anyway. The downside is that it’s only applicable if you are going to sell you area home in 2016. It’s probably not a joyful idea to think of your home as a product when its single purpose is to shelter your family.
  • Protect Yourself with Insurance. This one was prominent in a National Association of Realtors list, and although it was aimed at new home buyers, it has wider utility. When you take care to confirm that you’re neither over- nor under-insuring the key areas that require protection, peace of mind is a guaranteed byproduct. This New Year’s resolution also needs very little additional effort throughout the coming year­—so it ranks near the top of the RLK Scale (Resolutions Likely to be Kept).
  • Buyers: Resolve to Start Feeling Out the Market. This one might is a smart resolution for anyone planning to buy a Moreno Valley home any time in the coming year. Getting a bead on the market ahead of time can help you recognize sooner rather than later when you come across the right Moreno Valley home for sale.
  • Buyers and Sellers: Resolve to Engage a Real Estate Agent Now. This is one Moreno Valley real estate new year’s resolution I can heartily endorse for both buyers and sellers (it appears on almost all the lists). A truly grand resolution!