What “Extra Step” will Help Sell Your Perris House?

Once you’ve decided it’s time to sell your Perris house, you will have looked over the listings of neighboring properties and taken all the necessary steps to see that your own home stacks up well beside them. Before you go on the market, there’s one extra step that can make a sizeable difference in what happens next.

Now, if you have already recruited an experienced Perris agent, this next step won’t be necessary. But if you are still in the pre-consultation stage, having already brightened and lightened and de-cluttered, etc., here’s the immediate extra step that will serve you well:

Don’t even think about anything connected with your plans to sell the house for a few days. Do anything else. Disconnect from real estate entirely. In other words, try to take a clean break from everything connected with selling your house.

Then, reenergized and with an open mind, imagine you are one of the house hunters who will soon be crossing your threshold as actual prospects will be doing before long. Pretend you have just come from another house showing. You may have set up another appointment, too, so you won’t dawdle (but don’t rush, either—give it, say, 20 minutes).

And put yourself in a slightly skeptical frame of mind. Assume a slightly critical mindset; many prospective buyers will be suspicious of the possibility of hidden flaws. It’s why minor blemishes can generate undue concern. These are the “hidden dissuaders.”

  • The object of this pretend showing is to identify such blemishes. You may know that a long-standing stain on the kids’ bedroom ceiling isn’t anything to worry about (it’s been there forever)—but to a prospective buyer who spots it, that comfortable knowledge doesn’t exist.
  • If the utility mechanicals are tucked away in a dim, hard-to-examine corner, they could invite unnecessary apprehension. Adding simple overhead lighting will solve that—and help you spot the cobwebs you need to get rid of, too!
  • The scratches on the foyer flooring may be only natural for a house that’s been lived in—but if they’re too obvious, they can create a mood-killing first impression. Often, a few simple touchups can make them disappear.

Bottom line: after you’ve succeeded in making the obvious fixes, it will be money in the bank to attend to the minor flaws that were invisible before you readied the property.

If you’ve already enlisted me to be your Realtor®, this particular exercise won’t be necessary. Together we’ll have discovered and found economical ways to do away with the hidden dissuaders before your listing goes online.

Do give me a call!