What Qualities Do Top San Diego Harbor Island Real Estate Agents Share?

If it’s the first time you have ever bought or sold a house, don’t fret if you’ve found yourself procrastinating—who wouldn’t? Most people are at least temporarily paralyzed by the immensity of the undertaking. The same applies to many of San Diego Harbor Island’s current homeowners whose last real estate foray happened years ago.

Even so, veteran home buyers and sellers have the advantage of knowing that Job One is to establish a trusting relationship with an experienced San Diego Harbor Island real estate agent. Experienced folks may do at least some preliminary groundwork—checking out the current crop of properties being offered—but in the end, they know how the single step of teaming with the right agent accomplishes the vital job of removing the guesswork from all that follows.

The tricky part is identifying the right real estate agent. There’s no shortage of how-to articles on the subject—but in truth, the qualifying factors are simple, logical, and uncontroversial. They break down like this:

  •  Experience. Top agents have piloted their clients through these familiar waters many times. They see snags before they arrive—and steer clear of them.
  •  Energy. Top San Diego Harbor Island agents are the real estate equivalent of the Energizer bunny. In the abstract, buying and selling homes is a paperwork job. In reality, it’s that and a non-stop, out-there-in-the-field profession.
  •  Teamwork. A true team player is called for because top agents are flexible enough to be able to follow the direction of the client (you: the team captain) while working harmoniously with the full roster of other local San Diego Harbor Island professionals. They will ultimately include San Diego Harbor Island tradespeople, fellow real estate brokers and agents, financial industry pros—as well as the regular San Diego Harbor Island citizens who make up the other side of the transaction.

When you have found the San Diego Harbor Island agent whose credentials fit the above, there is really only one more qualification to demand: he or she must be easy to get hold of—and easy to talk to (the word “sympatico” comes to mind). You’ll know when you find the right agent.

For starters, there is one surefire way to conquer the urge to procrastinate: give me a call!