Retirement Income Boost via San Bernardino Real Estate Investing

Last week, CNBC’s Jeff Brown came up with a report on how some investors are proactively countering “worries their nest egg will come up short.” That might sound familiar to San Bernardino residents who find themselves worrying a little more as each year passes. Retirement may be that much closer—but it’s far from certain how comfortable those latter years are going to be.

The CNBC piece explored a tactic San Bernardino real estate investors might want to explore. For investors now five or 10 years from retirement, the idea is to find a way to augment the regular lineup of stocks and bonds to “turbocharge” their retirement incomes.

The solutions (there were four specific ideas) all dealt with a range of “real estate plays”—from real estate investment trusts to what San Bernardino real estate investors often choose: rental-property purchases. One key advantage is that real estate investments “are typically not directly correlated to other financial markets” according to the founder of a New York advisory firm. In that light, income from rentals is a diversification tool that Brown says “can fuel the afterburners” in retirement.

The CEO of a developer lending firm agreed—and countered liquidity worries. Among the available private investment options, he stated that “real estate typically outperforms other asset classes and is usually less volatile.” Regarding the risk factor that is still top-of-mind for many would-be San Bernardino real estate investors, some Bureau of Census data paints a different picture. Median single-family home prices hit $318,000 this year, up from $257,400 for the same quarter in 2007. For investors willing to forego access to capital at all times, “real estate investments can be looked at as a long-term, retirement-friendly strategy.” The CEO cites holding periods ranging from four to ten years.

You don’t need to be less than a decade from retirement to take a hard look at the current array of San Bernardino real estate investment possibilities. Call me to discuss what’s out there—and how many of them might neatly augment your long-term retirement income.