How to Know If Your Property Manager is a Good Fit

Couple shaking hands with property manager after buying a home

Rental properties are some of the largest purchases you can make. You invest your time, money, and effort into finding the right property and making it suitable for tenants. Once you have that finished, is it then time to watch your investment pay itself off?

Not yet. Unless you’re planning to manage the rental property yourself, which often ends up being a full-time job, consider outsourcing the grunt work to a property management company that specializes in taking care of the tedious details for you.

Property managers handle the day-to-day and month-to-month operations of your rental property, so you can focus your time on the less stressful and more important things in your life.

Which property manager is the best fit for you?

The ideal property manager needs to understand the needs of the property owner. This is especially true if you live in California and you’re looking for someone to manage your property. California has a unique set of challenges that need to be navigated, with regards to tenants and rental properties.

Finding a property manager who’s proactive instead of reactive is imperative. Look for one who is consistent, and can be transparent about any issues. Most of all, you need someone you can trust. So how can you really tell if your property manager is a good fit? We’ll break down a few key factors that will get you on the path to finding the ideal property management in San Diego.

Does the property manager offer comprehensive services?

If you want true peace of mind as a property owner, full-service property management is the way to go.

Full-service means you don’t have to worry about managing a single thing, as an expert management team takes care of everything for you.

At Amanica, we’re proud to provide comprehensive services to property owners in Moreno Valley, San Diego, and surrounding areas. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Online marketing that covers the entire rental market
  • Professional rental showings from our assistants
  • Thorough tenant screening and qualification—resulting in low tenant turnover
  • Professional property inspection with follow-up photos and videos
  • Handling of all leases and notices
  • Enforcement of lease violations
  • Owner-requested property inspection, upkeep, and maintenance
  • Reliable after-hours emergency phone service
  • Access to the innovative mobile app AppFolio, providing the owner with inspection and maintenance updates, financial statements, and much more

Full-service property management truly takes the stress out of being a landlord.

Do they communicate consistently with you? Can you trust them?

One of the most frustrating things as a landlord is worrying and wondering about the status of your property. Even when things are going smoothly with your tenants, it’s nice to get consistent and prompt updates from your property manager about what exactly is happening on your property. 

In the worst situations, when issues arise—and they do arise from time to time—an unresponsive or poorly-communicating property manager will only exacerbate the problems. At Amanica, we make sure we’re always 100% honest and transparent with our clients. We’re professionals, and we always have your back.

Do they have a long track record of making life easier for the client?

Anyone can claim they will take care of your property and tenants for you, but not everyone can back that claim up with proven results. Amanica is the renowned choice for property management services in San Diego, Moreno Valley, and surrounding areas.

We have a results-driven track record of helping property owners get the most out of their rental properties. We’ve been doing it for over 40 years! Learn more about what we offer for property management in San Diego today.