Digital Trends in Real Estate

Real estate has experienced a growth in digital advertising trends for years with even more improvements as technology has progressed. By the time COVID-19 was officially declared as a worldwide pandemic, it only solidified the demand for a more digitized way of business.  Real estate agents, rental companies, mortgage companies, property investment firms, and more are recognizing a larger variety of ways the real estate industry can implement new technologies.


With the emergence of property management software apps and platforms like AppFolio, property owners and managers can better communicate with their tenants via a single, user-friendly platform.  This cloud-based technology gives tenants 24/7 access to financial statements, contracts, and a payment platform for painless, immediate rent payments. It also allows tenants to submit maintenance requests at any time, from anywhere. In a time when technology seems to progress faster than we can wield it, Appfolio is very user friendly and offers video tutorials online for users who are unfamiliar with its features. At Amanica, we use AppFolio to make communication easier between each tenant and their property manager.

Dronesdrone used for real estate

Drones have been used by homeowners and real estate agents to map out accurate square footage, organize virtual tours of property both inside and out, survey land, and more.  Drones not only allow customers and sellers alike to visualize the data they see on paper, but they are useful for insurance companies and inspectors to spot any larger-scale problems or issues like structural damage.  Whether you currently own a drone or not, there are many local drone videographers who specialize in real estate. Working with a specialized videographer will help you show off the beautiful vistas of your property from all angles utilizing the newest trends in digital real estate.

Virtual Tours 

With the coronavirus pandemic necessitating quarantine and social distancing measures, virtual tours are more popular than ever, allowing prospective buyers and tenants to tour the property from the comfort of their own home, phone, or device. Virtual tours give apartment-seekers the convenience of browsing from the couch instead of needing to drive to local real estate offices or open houses. This is especially useful during a time when social distancing is necessary for safety especially for those who may be immunocompromised. In the past, virtual tours have consisted of basic room-by-room gallery of pictures or panoramic views, but these are quickly being replaced by 360-degree camera angles and virtual walk-throughs. Cutting-edge technology provides buyers with stunning, HD and even 3D visuals with incredible detail. Many prospective home buyers or renters are enticed by the ability to view each room of a property in stunning, accurate detail and at their own pace.

Incorporating Technology into Real Estate Practices

Technology constantly evolves and introduces changes and advancements into virtually every industry. The world of real estate is no exception. Innovative digital marketing tools are a great way to attract clientele who value transparency and detail when it comes to their home-shopping experience. Realtors and rental owners who use technology such as in-office apps, drones, and virtual tours are more accessible and can provide their clients with more accurate information so they can make an informed decision. When you work with a property manager or real estate company who can get you access to top-of-the-line, emerging technologies, you can simplify your life and find your dream home or tenants more easily.